American Trombone Workshop

The American Trombone Workshop is one of the largest annual events for trombone in the world, featuring recitals, concerts, workshops, and competitions for musicians of all ages.

Mar 20, 2024 - Mar 23, 2024


American Trombone Workshop 2024!!!

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ATW Events Location

The 2024 American Trombone Workshop will be held on historic Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA.

Map of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

Venue Information

Venues are finalized! Exhibits will be in the Community Center. Addresses and map links are below. Event Locations can be found in the schedule.

Spates Community Club
214 McNair Rd 
Fort Myer, VA 22211

Community Center

228 McNair Rd Building 405
Fort Myer, VA 22211

Conmy Hall

101 Jackson Ave

Fort Myer, VA 22211


American Trombone Workshop 2024 Schedule of Events

WEDNESDAY - All events in Spates Club

12:30pm - 2:30pm National Bass Trombone Solo Competition

Bass Division 1

Rainy Day in Rio by Goff Richards

Finalists: Leo Barks - St. Olaf College; Ryan Parichuk - Manhattan School of Music; Elijah Low - Columbus State University

Bass Division 2

Bass Lines, No. 2, Spain by David Fetter

Finalists: Dylan Halliday - Oklahoma State University; Connor Fallon - University of North Texas; Eric Garcia - University of Texas at Austin

Bass Division 3

2 Songs for Tuba or Bass Trombone by Robert Spillman

Finalists: Jeremy Mojado - San Francisco Conservatory of Music; Shane Stewart - San Francisco Conservatory of Music; Kenny Ross - University of North Texas


3pm - 5pm National Jazz Solo Competition

Division 1:

Estes Cantarero-George, Manhattan School of Music

Pablo Muller, Michigan State University

TJ Pitchford, University of South Carolina

Division 2:

Jackson Churchill, Des Moines, Iowa

Richard LaRouech, William Paterson University

Spencer Merk, Peabody Institute


5:30pm - 6:30pm Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition Winners

Michigan State University Jazz Trombone Ensemble

Selections to be announced from stage


7:30pm - 8:30pm Inter-Service Trombone Quartet Concert

Naval Academy Band Trombone Trio

Interservice Trombone Septet

SSG Michael Burner, The United States Army Band, "Pershing's Own"

MU1 Stephen Farrell, The United States Naval Academy Band

MSgt Andrew Reich, The United States Air Force Band

MSgt Darren Workman, The United States Air Force Band

MU1 Daniel Coffman, The United States Naval Academy Band

MU1 Andrew Lyster, The United States Naval Academy Band

MU1 Nicholas Hogg, The United States Naval Academy Band


THURSDAY - Daytime events in Spates Club

Exhibits open from 12PM - 6PM in the Community Center

10am - 11am Group Warm-up

SSG Felix Padilla, bass trombone - The West Point Band

All are welcome. Bring your horn!


12pm - 1pm Guest Artist Recital

Lock Horns by Steven Verhelst

SSG Kyle Price, tenor trombone - The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own”

SSG Felix Padilla, bass trombone - The West Point Band


Meditation for bass trombone by Frigyes Hidas

Hakeem Bilal, bass trombone - Assistant Professor, West Virginia University


On Your Own Now by Steven Verhelst

Vicente Hernandez, bass trombone


Snowflakes by Scott Vaillancourt

SSG Jonathan Kraft, tenor trombone - The U.S. Army Band, “Pershing’s Own”

SFC Evan Geiger, horn - The U.S. Army Band, "Pershing's Own"


1:30pm - 3pm National Tenor Trombone Solo Competition

Tenor Division I:

Fantaisie by Sigismond Stojowski

Finalists: Nathanael Peters - Biola University; Riley Carr - Valdosta State University; Ross Ganske - University of Texas at Austin

Tenor Division 2:

Concerto for Trombone by Henri Tomasi

Finalists: Austin Talbot - San Francisco Conservatory of Music; Austin Murray - Columbus State University; Darren Brady - Eastman School of Music

Tenor Division 3:

Improvisation No. 1 by Enrique Crespo

Finalists: Scott Avant - University of Miami; Jihong Son - Rice University; Alex Russell - New England Conservatory


3:30pm - 4:30pm Masterclass with Altin Sencalar

Altin Sencalar, tenor trombone


5pm - 6pm USNA Brass Ensemble

LCDR Joel Borrelli-Boudreau - Leader/Conductor


Naval Fanfare by Jacob Evarts 

Six Dances from 'The Danserye' by Tylman Susato, edited and arranged by John Iverson 

Chaconne by J.S. Bach, arranged by Jean Douay (Trombone Quintet) 

Semper Gratus by Kevin McKee 

Aura by Anthony DiLorenzo - Hillary Simms, soloist 

Colossus by Anthony DiLorenzo 

Journey Home by Sara Corry 

Stars and Stripes Forever by John Phillip Sousa, arranged by Jari Villanueva 


7:30pm - 9pm The U.S. Army Blues Concert featuring Steve Turre - Conmy Hall

Selections will be announced from the stage

FRIDAY - Daytime events in Spates Club

Exhibits open from 10AM - 6PM in the Community Center


10am - 11am Group Warm-up

Dr. Cory Mixdorf - Associate Professor, University of Arkansas

All are welcome. Bring your horn!


12pm - 1pm Guest Artist Recital

Song of Survival by Susan Mutter 

I. Meyer

II. Diagnosis - Prayer

III. Surgery

IV. Thiotepa

V. Coming Home

Dr. Cory Mixdorf, tenor trombone - Associate Professor, University of Arkansas

Amanda Halstead, piano


LOW by Isaac Mayhew

In and Out of the Game by Eve Beglarian

Lo-fi Beats to Slide To by Jay C. Batzner


Beltline Bones

Cole Bartels - Faculty, Central Michigan University

Zach Bethel

Justin Coyne

Adam Nissenbaum


1:30pm - 2:30pm CCM Trombone Choir

Timothy Anderson - Director


Twelve by C.S. Hadley

Canzona by Richard A. Crosby

Introduction & Allegro by Walter Ross

Full Tilt by Anthony DiLorenzo

Uncle Sam by Norman Blake, Hymn by Joseph Byrd, transcription by Nathan Peterson


2:45pm - 3:45pm Masterclass with Peter Moore

Peter Moore, tenor trombone - London Symphony Orchestra


4pm - 5pm West Virginia University Trombone Choir

Hakeem Bilal - Director

Dr. Keith Jackson - Special Guest


Tower Music by Vaclav Nehlybel 

Excursions by David Wilborn 

La Cathédrale by Madeline A. Lee 

A Universal Languish by Robert Traugh 

Theme from "October Sky" by Mark Isham, arr. Clayton Heath 

Monuments by Frank Gulino 

"Misirlou" from Three Mediterranean Folk Songs by Jack Courtright 


5:30pm - 6:30pm Peabody Jazz Trombone Ensemble

Selections will be announced from the stage


7:30pm - 9pm The U.S. Army Orchestra Concert - Conmy Hall

Overture to La Gazza Ladra by Gioachino Rossini

COL Bruce Pulver, conducting


Ballade for Bass Trombone, Harp, and String Orchestra by Eric Ewazen

Gunnery Sergeant Daniel Brady, "The President’s Own" U.S. Marine Band

MAJ Aaron Morris, conducting


Three Muses in Video Game by Tan Dun

Senior Chief Musician Colin Wise, The U.S. Navy Band

LTC Randy Bartel, conducting


Romanze for Viola and String Orchestra by Max Bruch

Hillary Simms, American Brass Quintet

COL Bruce Pulver, conducting

Saturday - Daytime events in Spates Club

Exhibits open from 10AM - 3PM in the Community Center


9am - 10am Group Warm-up


All are welcome. Bring your horn!


10:30am - 11:30am National Trombone Quartet Competition Winners

Legacy Trombone Quartet - Columbus State University

Anthony Cangemi

Austin Murray

Drew Robertson

Wheaten Wills 


William Tell Overture by Gioacchino Rossini (arr. Horch)

Trombone Quartet Op. 117 by Derek Bourgeois

II. Adagio molto

I. Allegro vivace

Trombone Quartet by Walter Ross

I. Intrada

II. “Chorale”

III. Scherzo

Drei Equale by Ludwig van Beethoven

I. Andante

II. Poco Adagio

III. Poco sostenuto

Transonance by Marshall Gilkes


11:45am - 12:45pm Educational Panel

“What I Wish I’d Learned in School”


1pm - 2pm Shenandoah Trombone Choir

Dr. Matthew Niess - Director

Dr. Jeffrey Cortazzo - Director


To Be Selected From… 

Morgenmusik by Paul Hindemith 

Summon The Alliance! by Jeffrey Cortazzo 

Fanfare To The Rising Phoenix by Norman Bolter - Talbot Jennings, soloist 

Geological Survey by Manny Alban 

Red by James Stephenson - Brittany Lasch, soloist 

Imagination by Leslie Bricusse arr. Tony Nalker  

Georgia by Hoagy Carmichael arr. Ingo Luis  

Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre 

Trombone Fanfare by Brandon DuBritton 


2:15pm - 3:15pm Oberlin College Trombone Choir

One for the Road (2010) by Steven Verhelst (b. 1981) 

1 - Leffe 

2 - Duvel 

Tissington Variations (1972) by Raymond Premru (1934-1998) 

1 - Andantino 

2 - Presto 

blue dream of sky (2015) by David Biedenbender (b. 1984) 

Sonnet IX (2017) by Daniela Candillari* 

Jazz tune announced from stage - Jay Ashby, soloist 

Cogent Caprice (1975) by Tommy Pederson (1920-1998) - Jeremy Buckler, soloist 

Ave Maria (1930) by R. Nathaniel Dett (1882-1943), Ethan Pound, arranger 

One for the Road (2010) by Steven Verhelst (b. 1981) 

3 - Blonde 

4 - Tripel 


3:30pm - 4:30pm Guest Artist Recital

Angel's Tango by Stephen Verhelst

Jeff Gittleson, bass trombone

Alex Felker, bass trombone


Red Spain by Nicola Ferro

SSG Kyle Price, tenor trombone - The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own”

SSG Michael Burner, tenor trombone - The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own”


Thoughts of Love - Arthur Pryor

Matthew Ethier, tenor trombone

Topher Ruggiero, piano


Romance by William Grant Still

John Gruber - Assistant Professor, Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Topher Ruggiero, piano


5pm - 6pm Capitol Bones Concert

Selections to be announced from stage


7:30pm - 9pm The U.S. Army Band Concert - Conmy Hall

Vienna Philharmonic Fanfare by Richard Strauss

COL Bruce Pulver, conducting


National Anthem

COL Bruce Pulver, conducting


March from Symphonic Metamorphosis by Paul Hindemith

COL Bruce Pulver, conducting


Concerto for Bass Trombone by Chris Brubeck

SSG Felix Padilla - The West Point Band

CPT Lee Lamb, conducting


Red Sky by Anthony Barfield

Bradley Kerns - University of Kentucky

CPT Bonnie Alger - Conducting


Lincoln Tunnel Cabaret by Bramwell Tovey

Peter Moore - London Symphony Orchestra

COL Bruce Pulver, conducting

2024 Featured Artists

ATW Competitions

ATW Competitions

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Solo Trombone

Trombone Quartet

Jazz Trombone Solo

Jazz Trombone Ensemble

The American Trombone Workshop’s Service Member Seminar is an opportunity for Active Duty, National Guard, And Reserve Military Personnel to experience the Workshop to its fullest potential. Seminar attendees will attend a prescribed number of the workshop’s events, attend dress rehearsals and gain special access to the visiting artists including exclusive question and answer sessions and a private one hour lesson, all free of charge. All seminar members will receive a certificate upon completion.

Who is Eligible: Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve Military Personnel

Requirements: Seminar members must attend the required events as listed on the "Required Event Planning and Signature Sheet" and obtain signatures from the designated United States Army Band representative or designated visiting artist at each event.

To register and for more information contact SSG Katie Thigpen.

Due to the high volume of requests to be invited as a guest performer and/or presenter at The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own" American Trombone Workshop, we ask that you email SFC Adam McColley your proposal to provide us the opportunity to better serve you. In your proposal email, please include the following:

  • "ATW Proposal 2024" in the subject line
  • Full name (including title/position)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Describe your presentation/recital

Any other information that may be helpful to the selection committee                                                                                                               

DUE DATE to submit this proposal is SEPTEMBER 30, 2023.

We will notify performers and presenters no later than NOVEMBER 1, 2023.

Please note that guest performers and presenters will not receive any financial assistance for travel or accommodations from the United States Army nor the United States Army Band "Pershing's Own".

Email your proposal here. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at the American Trombone Workshop held at Fort Myer, Virginia from March 20 - March 23, 2024.