2024 National Trombone Quartet Competition

2024 National Trombone Quartet Competition

Entries Due December 1, 2023.

Each year the American Trombone Workshop (ATW) hosts the National Trombone Quartet Competition. This competition welcomes trombone players of all ages to compete, and the winners selected will be given the opportunity to perform a full recital for a live audience at the American Trombone Workshop.

The experience gained through making a quality recording with other members in a chamber group setting and learning how to perform in a competitive environment is invaluable for musicians of any age or performance level. The ever-growing number of entries received by various ensembles is evidence that the National Trombone Quartet Competition continues to be a thriving event each year at the American Trombone Workshop.


  • Recordings must be uploaded to YouTube. Video titles are to be set as: ATW National Trombone Quartet Competition 2024, Name of Quartet, Title of work
  • for example: ATW National Trombone Quartet Competition 2024, Four of a Kind Quartet, No More Blues
  • There is to be no editing of any audio or video within a movement. Submissions do not need to be continuous in between movements. Feel free to record movements separately, but all movements of the same piece MUST still be submitted as one YouTube video link.
  • There should only be ONE YouTube link submitted PER PIECE.
  • If a work does not contain movements it MUST be recorded in one take.
  • Parts may be changed in between movements if desired.
  • The performers must be continuously visible throughout the entire performance.
  • Submissions must be recorded from a single camera position. If recording separate movements the performers must be in consistent positions.
  • All separate recordings of movements or works must be done in the same recording space. Failure to submit congruent videos may be considered reason for disqualification.
  • Be sure to carefully set mic gain levels during recording and utilize appropriate mic/camera placement when making your video. If necessary, normalize the audio before submitting. (Adjustment to the overall recorded volume of the submission does not constitute as editing for nefarious purpose and will not disqualify a submission.
  • "Automatic gain" features should be disabled on your recording device to allow for an accurate dynamic representation of the performance.
  • Video submissions should have audio and video properly synced. Out of sync audio and video may be considered reasons for disqualification.
  • Make sure to preview your final video before AND after you upload it to ensure that the video remains in-sync throughout your performance.
  • Recordings must be available on YouTube with the "public" setting at least until results are officially released.
  • Insufficient recording quality may result in disqualification.

Competition Eligibility

The 2024 National Trombone Quartet Competition is open to all trombone quartets. There is no age restriction.



Observe the submission deadline, December 1, 2023

Send a submission in the correct format

Avoid all spoken dialogue on a recording unless it is explicitly called for in the piece

Observe recording guidelines and instructions regarding YouTube submissions



Title Composer Publisher
Sonata Daniel Speer (Miller) Ensemble Publications
Trombone Quartet- Mvts. I, II, III Walter Ross Boosey & Hawkes


Please direct all questions to competition coordinator SSG Austin Westjohn at austin.j.westjohn.mil@army.mil

Past Winners

Year Winner School
2020 New England Trombone Quartet
2019 New England Trombone Quartet
2018 New England Conservatory Trombone Quartet
2017 Yale University Trombone Quartet
2016 The Juilliard Trombone Quartet
2015 AMF Trombone Quartet, University of Texas at Austin
2014 Bearbones Trombone Quartet, Baylor University
2013 Yale University Trombone Quartet
2012 Indiana University Trombone Quartet
2011 Co-winners: Oklahoma State University Trombone Quartet and University of Michigan Trombone Quartet
2010 Rittenhouse Quartet
2009 Northwestern University Trombone Quartet
2008 Southern Methodist University Trombone Quartet
2007 University of North Texas TF Quartet
2006 Chicago Trombone Quartet