Pershing's Own Chamber Players

In this concert, The U.S. Army Band Chamber Players celebrate challenges and the growth that comes from them and to our shared human experience.

Sun / Feb 11 / 3 pm


National Gallery of Art | Washington, DC

West Building, West Garden Court (Constitution Ave between 4th and 7th Streets, NW; Madison Ave entrance is currently closed.

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Announcer: MSG Leigh Lafosse

Ignition for low brass sextet / Kevin Day
SFC Chris Buckley, euphonium
SFC Jeremy McBride, euphonium
SFC Toby Furr, euphonium
SSG Zach Bridges, tuba
SSG Brandon Benson, tuba
SSG Marc Placencia, tuba

Catch on Fire for saxophone quartet / Carlos Simon
SSG Salvador Flores, soprano saxophone
SSG Chance Stine, alto saxophone
SFC Matt T. Evans, tenor saxophopne
MSG Michelle Acton, baritone saxophone

Cliffs that Draw Breath / William Traschel
*MSgt Megan Ensor, flute
*TSgt Cara Dailey, flute
SSG Audrey Yu, oboe
SSG Chance Stine, soprano saxophone
MSG Marty Gold, clarinet
SSG J.J. Milakovich, clarinet
SFC Judith Cho, violin
SSG Jordan Hendy, violin
SSG Erica Schwartz, viola
SSG James Hettinga, cello
SSG Alex Tedrow, conductor      

Ripples in Infinity / Daniel Whitworth
*MSgt Megan Ensor, flute & piccolo
SSG J.J. Milakovich, clarinet
SSG Jordan Hendy, violin
SSG James Hettinga, cello
SFC Nick Starr, piano
SSG Mike Glaze, percussion
SSG Alex Tedrow, conductor

*  - Special guest performer from The U.S. Air Force Band

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