The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own"

The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own" provides musical support for the leadership of the United States, to include all branches of government, and to a wide spectrum of national and international events in order to connect the Army to the American people.

Historically used as strategic diplomatic tools, the Army Band’s small ensembles have been called upon by high-ranking military and political leaders to help them strengthen relationships with foreign interests at home and abroad. Ensembles can vary in size depending on available performance space. Groups have entertained guests and foreign counterparts and add dynamic flair to special events at the White House, gatherings Naval Observatory, and intimate settings at Camp David.

Combinations of instrumentalists and vocalists can be creatively combined to perform favorite music from various genres—from classical to country, baroque to Broadway, pop/rock to patriotic, big band and jazz. Musicians carefully curate programs that compliment a specific event and tailor them to honor special guests and foreign counterparts. A special feature that can be added to any ensemble's program, vocalists from the Army Chorus can sing in the native language of any visiting delegation.

Summary of Capabilities

Download a printable 1-page summary of The U.S. Army Band’s performing capabilities