Love, Liberation, and Joy: Music of Janelle Monáe

Love, Liberation, and Joy: Music of Janelle Monáe

Army Band features the music of Janelle Monáe through the lenses of love, liberation, and joy and the ever-unfolding journey of Black America--a history as deep and rich as it is painful. Show tickets cover free admission to museum.

Sun / Jun 2 / 3 pm

This event requires Registration

This performance is free and open to the public, but registration or tickets are required.



National Museum of African American History & Culture | Washington, DC

Oprah Winfrey Theater, 1400 Constitution Ave, NW


All music is by Janelle Monáe

Conductor for today:
SGM Christopher Branagan


BaBopByeYa / arr. Roberts

Look Into My Eyes / arr. Roberts

It's Code / arr. Rettig

Dirty Computer / arr. Roberts

Can't Live Without Your Love / arr. Rettig



Cold War / arr. Roberts

Many Moons / arr. Roberts

Sally Ride / arr. Rettig

We Were Rock n' Roll / arr. Roberts



Tightrope / arr. Roberts

Oh Maker / arr. Rettig

Dance Apocalyptic / arr. Roberts

Victory / arr. Roberts

Electric Lady / arr. Roberts

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