Three Urban Scenes

Three Urban Scenes

by Ethan Noah Resnik


Three Urban Scenes is a work that depicts various urban locations and events. The piece aims to evoke a sense of unity within a cacophony of honking cars, people’s daily activities, music, and nature. All of these elements combine to inadvertently create music every second. Each of the three scenes represents stereotypical and personal emotions that are often associated with urban life.

I. Rush Hour:

The first scene depicts the rapid piling of cars congesting the roadways, as well as franticity from those who may have slept through their alarm and are running late. The section aims to evoke a traffic jam, loaded trains, people traveling, and crowded streets.

II. Evening Stroll Through Crossings Park:

The second scene was inspired from visiting a park last summer, in Colonie, New York, and walking alongside its koi-filled lake. As colorful fish poke their heads above the water’s surface, sounds of quarreling ducks and Canadian geese fill the air as small ripples disrupt the water’s surface.

III. Down at the Bar:

The final scene takes place at a bar in the evening, packed with people. As things begin stirring up, sounds of popping open bottles and cans cut through a cacophonous assortment of conversations, music, and yelling. An 80-year-old upright honky-tonk piano plays in the background over the sound of breaking glasses, drinks spilling, and everyone getting progressively drunker.

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