Little Green Pop

Little Green Pop

by Sean Rogers Friar


As soon as I began writing what would become Little Green Pop, something about the sound-world of its unusual instrumentation and electronics suggested ‘Alien Pop Music’ to me. I’m not sure why – I have never heard any of it, nor have I ever had any particular obsession with extraterrestrials. Perhaps it had to do with the chirpy and elemental opening ideas I had jotted down, the quasi-improvisatory feel, the quirky and hard-to-put-your-finger-on grooves, and the fact that I’d envisioned the music nestled in a thick bed of reverb. Regardless of the reason, I could tell I was not going to be able to shake the imagery of little green men jamming from my head, so I decided to embrace it and see where it would take me.

Though Stephen Hawking recently warned us that we should avoid attempting to contact aliens for fear they may want to take over earth for its natural resources, this is very good-natured music and I am not concerned about those behind it giving us a hard time.

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