SFC Christopher Rettig

SFC Christopher Rettig

Hometown: Ayersville, OH

Joined the Band: 2012

Ensemble: The U.S. Army Band Downrange


SFC Christopher Rettig did not begin his musical training as a tenor vocalist. He began playing the tuba at age 14 and graduated from Ayersville High School where he played tuba in their marching band. He entered the Army in June 2007, soon after graduation, and headed off to Basic Training in 2007. He then attended Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at The U.S. Army School of Music in Norfolk, Viginia, graduating in March of 2008. Rettig's first duty station was with the 1st Cavalry Division Band at Fort Hood, Texas. Between 2009 and 2010, he deployed with this unit as a vocalist and tubist, performing in support of troops in harm's way throughout Iraq and Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His unit again deployed between 2011 and 2012, this time in support of Operation Enduring Freedom where he traveled throughout Afghanistan's Regional Command East and Regional Command North with the First Cavalry's acoustic group "M.O.A.B." During that deployment, Rettig performed over 150 missions with this group for remotely deployed troops who rarely receive entertainment by soldiers from home. In 2012, he became a tenor vocalist with The U.S. Army Band Downrange. He remains a Buckeyes fan for life!

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