SFC Cheryl Torres

SFC Cheryl Torres

Hometown: Los Lunas, NM

Joined the Band: 2023

Ensemble: Support Staff

Bachelor's Degree: University of New Mexico


Born and raised in New Mexico, SFC Cheryl Torres developed her love for music at a young age; listening to endless rock music with her father and musicals with her mother. She started with singing in her younger years and joined the concert band world in 5th grade on baritone, eventually moving on to Euphonium in middle school and high school. From there she attended the University of New Mexico to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Instrumental Music with an emphasis in Euphonium. Her studies lead her to several outlets to include years of marching band, concert band, tuba/euphonium ensembles, becoming acquainted with stage production, and basics in audio engineering. These avenues then lead to her musical career in the New Mexico National Guard from 2012-2023. It was here she developed skills playing electric bass, video production, stage production, and audio engineering to ensure mission success for the military. Outside Torres's love for music, she loves recreational activities such as hiking, camping, ultimate frisbee, and snowboarding. She uniquely has a huge passion for hot air ballooning and is currently working on her pilot’s license. Torres loves nothing more than to support the people around her and is a friend to all!

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